Trip Updates

July 6, 2024
2024 Grand Western Tour

A City-Wide Birthday Party!

Gold Beach, OR to San Francisco, CA

Happy Birthday America! We started off this holiday bright and early to make our way down the coast. We enjoyed the beautiful roadside views while watching the sun slowly rise over the ocean. We stopped to stretch our legs and explore the forest where the gigantic redwood trees grow. Some of us were hugging the trees and many people could fit in holes in the trees.

Our next stop was a picnic lunch by the river where we snacked on sandwiches and snowcones. After lunch we headed straight to San Francisco! Our dinner plans included In-N-Out for 2 counselor groups, takeout for another, and an Italian restaurant for another.

To finish off the Fourth of July, we watched the firework show from the park that looked out over the water. It was a show to remember!!

Blog written by Elizabeth Sifly!