Trip Updates

June 18, 2024
2024 Grand Western Tour

Passing Through the ‘Gateway to the West’

New Albany, IN to Lawrence, KS

Day 2 brought a new journey as we ventured to St. Louis, Missouri. When we arrived in St. Louis at the Gateway Arch Museum, we watched a film about the history of the arch and learned all about the preciseness that was required for its construction.

The arch’s two legs were built separately and eventually connected in the middle, and if the measurements were off by as little as 1/64 of an inch, the legs would not have been able to join together at the top. Despite its very tall appearance, the arch is as tall as it is wide- 630 feet! After the film, we explored the rest of the museum and then had a great lunch at the Arch Café.

We then hopped into the different trams to take us to the top of the arch. In just a 4 minute ride, we arrived to the top- 630 feet in the air! We could even see the St. Louis Cardinals baseball stadium from that high!

We hopped back on the bus and made our way to Kansas! We stopped at Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue for dinner and then headed back to the hotel to rest up for our drive tomorrow!

Next up, we are heading out to drive through Kansas and make our way to Colorado Springs!