Trip Updates

June 24, 2024
2024 Grand Western Tour

Welcome to Idaho

Salt Lake City, UT to Swan Valley, ID

Hi!!! Today we woke up and went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City. It was something I had never seen or been to before, but it was very cool. It was really fun for everyone to get dressed up and watch it together. We took pictures outside afterwards then hopped right on the bus for the ranch!!!

Next we stopped at Walmart to get all the stuff for our volleyball tournament. We also had lunch, and people had Panda Express, Freddy’s and more. My volleyball team is Barbie and Ken, so we got pink Barbie shirts for the girls and blue Ken outfits for the boys.

Then we arrived at the ranch and my friends and I sat outside and listened to music. It was one of the most peaceful things I have experienced in so long. I was truly so happy!

After that we had dinner and all hung out outside as one big group. Today was amazing, and I am so happy I am on GWT!!

Blog written by Annie Thompson!