Discover America on the EPIC ROAD TRIP!

Since 1964, the Grand Western Tour has been leading 9th & 10th grade students on an unforgettable five-week epic adventure across the United States. On the trip they create countless memories and make lifelong friendships along the way. The 10,000 mile journey through America gives students a picturesque, historical and fun-filled glimpse of some of the most iconic landmarks and cities in the country, all while having the time of their lives and making 50 new best friends in the process.

The Grand Western Tour allowed me to experience the states in a way that no other program possibly could. The friends I made that summer are lifelong and if I could relive the journey again, I would hop on the bus in a heartbeat.
Charlotte Ririe, Winston-Salem, NC

Hop aboard the cross-country road trip of a lifetime!

From North Carolina to California and everything in between, the Grand Western Tour visits 18 states and more than 22 cities across the country.

Grand Western Tour States we visit
Since the first moment I sat on the bus, I realized just how much more there is to see in this world. For five weeks, I had the United States in the palm of my hand. That summer, my view of the country and world grew so massively that I now study International Politics and cannot wait to see every plot of land or ocean view that I am offered. In five short weeks, 51 perfect strangers became my best friends and impacted my life in every way possible. I am so grateful for the Grand Western Tour.
Ruthie Brady (2013), Beaufort, NC


  • 33 days
  • 18 states
  • 22+ cities
  • 6 national parks
  • 8 modes of transportation
  • 50 travel companions
  • 1964 year Tour started
  • 1 unforgettable adventure!