General Terms & Conditions


Applications for upcoming tours will be accepted through the Winston-Salem Grand Western Tours, Inc’s. (“we,” “us,” or “our”) website. To be eligible, an applicant must be at least 14 and cannot turn 17 before the date the tour departs.  Please note that spaces are limited and acceptance of applicant’s (“applicant,” “you” or “your,” which shall include applicant’s parents or guardians) application is solely within our discretion and may be based upon a number of factors, including, but not limited to, gender, city of residence and/or applicant’s disciplinary record.  We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any applicant who in our judgment will neither benefit from nor contribute to the tour experience. Our areas of expertise do not extend to handling or management of behavioral or psychological issues or certain medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, and certain severe allergies, and we may not accept applicants that require such services.  You also agree that we may implement policies after your application is accepted that we in our sole discretion deem necessary for the safety of the Tour and its participants.  Such policies may include, but are not limited to, vaccination, booster and/or testing requirements.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to abide by any and all such policies.


If you are placed on our waiting list, you will be notified if space becomes available and we have enrolled your child on the tour for which you have applied.  You will be charged a $1,000 non-refundable deposit at the time of enrollment. We may or may not run a second session of the Tour depending on the number of enrollments received by us.  In the event the second session does not proceed due to insufficient enrollment and you have made any payments for the second session, you will receive a refund of all amounts paid towards the second session.


By submitting an application to us, you acknowledge that you are familiar with all aspects of our tour as described through printed materials and our website. You also acknowledge that you have had ample opportunity to ask questions about our activities and the associated risks. By submitting your application, you further acknowledge and understand that due to the nature of the activities of the tour, there remain risks that can result in loss or damage to property and or loss or damage to the participant, including accidental injury, illness, permanent trauma, disability, or death. You acknowledge that you have fully disclosed to us any pre-existing physical, medical, behavioral, psychological, or physical challenges, severe allergies or learning differences to which applicant is subject. We cannot guarantee participants will not come in contact with foods he/she may be allergic to or other allergens.


We expect all tour participants to be positive members of the tour community and to at all times abide by the Rules and Regulations, which shall be provided to you prior to the departure of the tour and shall become a part of these General Terms and Conditions. The Rules and Regulations must be read, agreed to, and signed by the applicant and parents (or guardians). Read them carefully before signing and returning them. In many states, the purchase of tobacco products is illegal for persons under eighteen years of age. Some of the hotels do not permit smoking anywhere in the building. In most hotels, students will be on a non-smoking floor and disregard for this regulation will put us in an unfortunate position with the hotels. Bringing or using tobacco products, vapes, JUULs, and any e-cigarette products, weapons, alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia are grounds for dismissal and expulsion from the tour. Parents agree to allow participant’s room, luggage, and personal possessions to be searched for these and other detrimental items at the discretion of the tour director. We will expel any participant that disrupts or detracts from the welfare of another participant or our tour community. Harassment, including cyberbullying, physical harm, use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, theft or misuse of property, and disregarding instructions are all examples of behaviors that will lead to expulsion. If you become aware of any such behavior by any tour participant during the tour, you agree to inform us immediately. If a participant is expelled there will be no refund.


We, acting directly or through our tour director, reserve the right in our sole discretion to expel any person from the tour who makes a misrepresentation in the application or who violates, breaches, disobeys and/or refuses to comply with these general terms and conditions or the Rules and Regulations. In the event of such expulsion, the participant will be sent home, and a parent or guardian notified as soon as possible. The manner and means of transporting the participant home and notification of a parent or guardian shall be in the sole discretion of us and/or our tour director. The expelled participant’s parents or guardians shall be jointly and severally liable for participant’s conduct and all amounts expended or incurred as a result of expulsion, including, but not limited to, the cost of transportation to send the participant home. There shall be no refund of any kind if a participant is expelled for any reason.


One of the benefits of the tour involves meeting and making new friends from different places. Bus assignments, seat assignments, rooming assignments and other similar decisions will be made in our sole discretion.


The price of the tour is as stated in our online application and includes all bus transportation, lodging, guided tours, entry fees to parks, t-shirt, and the meals specifically listed in the final itinerary indicated as (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, and (D) Dinner. Hotel room service charges are not included.


non-refundable $1,000.00 deposit is due if your child is enrolled on the tour. The balance of the tuition must be paid in full by January 2 of the year of the tour. If the deposit or the balance of tuition is not received when due, we, without any obligation or liability on our part, reserve the right in our sole discretion to accept another applicant and move your application to the end of the waiting list. We strongly recommend that you purchase trip insurance because if either you cancel for any reason or we cancel for one or more causes beyond our control (i.e. – Act of God, war, strike, epidemic, pandemic, government regulation, lack of available lodging, transportation or any other cause not created or controlled by us) (a “Cancellation”) after your final payment is made, no refunds of the final payment will be made by us, and your sole and exclusive remedy will be to seek recovery from any applicable trip insurance purchased by you.   In the event of a Cancelation by us, we will provide you a credit (but not a cash refund), for the amount of your tuition not covered by trip insurance Credits can only be applied to a future tour within 2 years of issuance, unless we agree otherwise.  You agree that we shall be in full compliance with these terms and conditions by providing the credit provided for herein in the event of a Cancelation by us.  Unless you expressly notify us in writing to the contrary, you authorize us to pay any amount that may become due to you to any parent or guardian for which you provide us an address.


When you submit your application and submit a credit card, you authorize us to process a credit card payment for the deposit when your child’s application for enrollment is accepted. You also agree that any credit card payment by you is subject to these terms and conditions, which shall control in the event of any conflict with the terms of any agreement between you and the issuer of your credit card. If you select auto-payment, a credit card payment for the balance due after receipt of the deposit will be made automatically on or after January 2 of the year of the tour. The electronic payment will be processed whether or not you receive an invoice, and it is your responsibility to make sure we have the correct contact e-mail and credit card information for the deposit and any other amount you direct us to process electronically. It is your responsibility to check your spam filter for our e-mails.


You have the right to question your invoice. To do so, simply contact us via phone at least seven business days before the scheduled electronic payment date. Upon notification of a billing dispute, your electronic payment will not be processed until the dispute is resolved. If notification is made less than seven business days before the processing date, the payment may be processed, and adjustments, if any, will be made afterward.


If your bank draft payment or standard check is not honored by your bank for any reason, we will notify you via e-mail or phone call. An NSF or returned check fee may be added to your bill for each occurrence of a non-paid bank draft transaction.


Bank draft payments will be drawn upon the bank account authorized at the time of billing. You are responsible for notifying us when you change or close the authorized bank account.


Credit Card payments will be processed using the account submitted with your application. You are responsible for notifying us when you change or close the authorized credit card.


A credit card surcharge of 3% will be added to all payments made by credit card. The surcharge is non-refundable and does not count toward any amount owed to us. Credit card payments are offered as a convenience, and you may always make payments via check. There is no surcharge added for mailed check payments.


By submitting the application, you give permission for photographs or video footage of participant, you and your family members to be used by us for promotional purposes. You further authorize us to use evaluations, surveys, and other written and electronic communication submitted to us for promotional purposes.


All tickets, coupons and orders are issued by us and all arrangements for transportation or conveyance, for living or other accommodations or services, shall be made by us as agent for each participant upon the express condition that we shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any vehicle, or through the acts, omissions, or defaults of any company or person engaged in providing an activity, conveying a tour participant or providing living accommodations or otherwise in connection therewith. We do not assume, but expressly disclaim, all responsibility and liability of any kind whatsoever for any injury, harm or damage of any kind whatsoever, incurred directly or indirectly, by any person as a result of, or in connection with, any activity, travel, living or other accommodations or services that have been arranged for you by us. Any and all damages, losses, or additional expenses caused by actions, omissions, defaults, delays, sickness, weather, strikes, wars, quarantine, epidemic, pandemic, Act of God, or any other cause whatsoever that is beyond our control shall be borne by you. Each tour participant shall be responsible for his or her own actions whether intentional or negligent, and you agree to indemnify, defend and save us and our owners, officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from any and all claims arising out of any and all of participant’s cts or omissions. We reserve the right to cancel, alter or withdraw from any meal, service, activity, transportation, or accommodation and we may or may not offer a replacement as we determine necessary or desirable in our sole discretion. Any dispute or complaint you might have against us or our owners, officers, directors, employees, contractors, or volunteers shall be governed by the substantive laws of the State of North Carolina, and the sole and exclusive jurisdiction for any suit or legal proceeding shall be Guilford County, North Carolina.


Applicants must complete a medical form and submit it by the deadline given by us. You agree that you will provide all information requested in the medical form, including, but not limited to, vaccination records and that we may require such vaccinations as we deem appropriate for tour participants.  You will also be required to execute a self-administration and waiver form for any and all medicines you child will have and take during the tour.


By submitting this application you agree that we may obtain or provide emergency hospitalization, surgical or other medical care for the participant, and we may exchange medical information with third parties providing medical care. You understand that any incidental charges, including, but not limited to, transportation, lodging, medical bills, medications resulting from any accident, illness or medical condition will be your responsibility. If a tour staff member is required to stay behind to obtain appropriate care and assistance for you until a parent or guardian arrives to assume responsibility, the expenses of the tour staff member remaining behind, as well as expenses for the staff person to rejoin the group, is your financial responsibility


Please note that we do not carry health, accident, or personal property insurance on participants. Each participant must be covered under a policy provided by you. You further agree that the participant will have a card in his or her possession bearing all insurance information, his or her Social Security number, and the name and Social Security number of the policyholder. The travel insurance offered when you enroll does not provide medical coverage.


Due to the limited space on the bus, gifts, souvenirs, and other items that cannot fit in the tour member’s suitcase should be mailed home upon purchase.


We reserve the right to change and modify these general terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on our website. The headings in these General Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and shall not be considered in the interpretation of any of the terms set forth herein.  These general terms and conditions shall apply and are binding upon you with respect to all dealings between you and us, including, but not limited to, if the tour year in which your child participates is different from the tour year for which your initial application was submitted.


Our website is designed to provide the general public, prospective participant families, current participant parents, current and past participants, alumni, and staff with information about our tour and the benefits of a great summer experience. We do not sell your personal information to other businesses nor do we share your personal information, except with CampSite and other vendors that specifically help us run the tour. CampSite is the name of the company we rely on to help us manage our tour database and records. Its privacy policy can be found here: Privacy Policy