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The Grand Western Tour’s experienced and trusted staff consists entirely of inviduals over 21, who are primarily teachers specializing in working with teenagers.

I had the most amazing time! I’ve met some amazing people who I’ve made memories of a lifetime with! This trip is something I will never forget and I’m so glad I did it!
Carrie D’Arruda
Carrie D’Arruda (2022) Cary, NC

Our counselors provide a careful balance between student independence and oversight; encouragement and discipline; guidance and leadership. They also know how to have some fun and facilitate an incredible experience your teen won’t forget. While doing all this, our counselors also ensure the highest level of safety for your student while on the Tour.

We look for enthusiastic counselors with extensive travel experience who are able to create fun and amazing moments. Our counselors have an unbridled energy that allows them to work long hours with a smile. They also mentor students individually so that every student’s experience is unique.

While the Tour is carefully planned, not everything can be predicted or anticipated. Our counselors adapt quickly to new environments and scenarios, find solutions quickly, and make the best decisions under the circumstances. Over the course of 33 days, our counselors teach, lead, and relate to students during a wide range of planned and spontaneous adventures. The Grand Western Tour is an experience like no other, and its counselors play an integral part in creating the lifelong friendships and memories that students universally tell us they gain through the Western Tour.

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