Why Choose Us

The Grand Western Tour is a cherished tradition that has taken students on the ultimate cross-country adventure since 1964. We appreciate the trust that parents have placed in us for over 57 years. It’s a responsibility that we do not take lightly, as proven by our excellent safety record. Why should you choose the Grand Western Tour?

All three of my children had a great experience on the Grand Western Tour. They loved their travels and met so many friends who they have stayed in touch with through college and beyond.
Cotten Barnes, Raleigh, NC

Over 57 years of trusted experience

There’s a reason we’ve been the leading American road trip adventure for teens since 1964. For over 50 years we have curated the student experience to not only open student’s eyes to the wonders of America, but also to foster a life-changing exploration of all the country has to offer. The tour is so much more than just an epic road trip for high school students–it’s a tradition.

Our staff are custom-tailored for teens

We have experienced and trusted staff, composed primarily of teachers who specialize in working with teenagers. We only hire counselors over 21 that are skilled in providing students with a balance of independence and oversight; encouragement and discipline; guidance and leadership. They also know how to have some fun and facilitate an incredible experience your teen won’t forget.

Explore more of the country than any other tour

With 18 states, over 22 cities, and 6 National Parks packed into 33 short days, it’s a whirlwind adventure, to say the least. Our students get the opportunity of a lifetime to pack more into five weeks on one trip than most people get to see of the country in their lifetime.

Friendships that last forever

There’s no better place to make 50 new best friends than while cozied up on a bus singing your favorite road trip tunes together, sharing stories around a campfire at the ranch, or getting locked up in a cell at Alcatraz. Our trip is designed to help students make new friends through activities that promote positive group dynamics in addition to getting to know each participant on the trip. The shared adventures and unforgettable memories we create foster bonds that last way beyond when the bus pulls back into Greensboro.

Guided independence

We give students a chance to explore and learn about the country in a setting of chaperoned independence. We make time for them to explore cities in small groups without staff, empowering them to discover on their own, while providing structure and oversight to keep it safe.

This trip was one of the best experiences of my life not only because of the friends I made along the way and the places I saw, but also the hardships that I and the group faced while on the trip. These ups and downs made me a stronger person and allowed me to be the most mature, responsible, and self-loving person I can be. Thank you Grand Western Tour!
Bryce Holland
Bryce Holland (2022) Raleigh, NC