Trip Updates

July 9, 2022
2022 Session One

Ain't no caption grand enough to capture this view!

Tell everyone we are in Arizona! Our bus followed along the trail of the desert and brought us to our first stop: Grand Canyon National Park. The kids hopped off the bus, excited for such a “grand” excursion! We had a delicious picnic in the park before going on a hike along the rim. The Grand Canyon view was surreal, and we took many pictures to preserve this glorious moment.

After a short drive, we arrived in Sedona; some delicious pizzas awaited us at the hotel. The kids grabbed a couple of slices and sat next to their friends, enjoying the beautiful sun setting on the red rocks of Sedona.

We wrapped up our epic day with a pool party! Some jumped in the pool while some hung out in the jacuzzi. The kids enjoyed themselves and had so much fun staying in Arabella Hotel!

Tomorrow we will go on the Pink Jeep Tour and head to Tucson!