Trip Updates

July 11, 2023
2023 Session One

Bonus Post: Another View of Our Day in San Fran

San Francisco, CA

We accidentally had two students assigned to write about our day in San Francisco, so we wanted to share this one with you as well since it is so well-written, enjoy!

Our day in “San Fran” began with a bit of extra sleep and a breakfast of PopTarts in the hotel lobby. The air was filled with excitement as we gathered to catch the ferry to Alcatraz. For those unfamiliar, Alcatraz is a decommissioned prison situated on an island in the San Francisco Bay. It held numerous infamous criminals such as Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly during its time as a prison in the 20th century. We briskly walked to the dock and boarded the ferry, where many students caught their first glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Upon our arrival at Alcatraz, we eagerly disembarked the boat and began exploring all that the island had to offer. Each visitor to Alcatraz is provided with a headset for a prerecorded guided tour of the prison. Nearly every student opted to take a headset, and we were treated to various highlights of the tour. We had the chance to stand inside one of the original jail cells, listen to the stories of the former prisoners, and observe other facilities like the recreation field, library, and dining hall. Following the guided tour, we had the opportunity to explore other parts of the island, including the beautiful gardens, breathtaking views, and, of course, the gift shop.

Once everyone was satisfied with their visit, we boarded the ferry back to San Francisco and proceeded to cross the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge towards Sausalito, a charming waterfront town located north of San Francisco in Marin County. In Sausalito, students enjoyed some free time to explore the town and have lunch. Mexican cuisine and burgers were popular choices among the group. Additionally, many of us savored the warm air in Sausalito, as it provided a welcome change from San Francisco’s typically chilly weather.

After our delightful adventures in Sausalito, we returned to the Golden Gate Bridge and embarked on a walk across it. Known for its strong winds, the bridge treated us to an invigorating 1.7-mile (2.7 km) journey. Some of us took the opportunity to appreciate the stunning views, while others focused on capturing photographs. After spending some time at the bridge, we headed back to the hotel, where some individuals dressed up for the baseball game later in the evening.

A bit later, we made our way to Oracle Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants, who were playing against the Colorado Rockies. Although our tickets were located in the ‘nosebleed section’, everyone had an amazing time at the game! For dinner at the ballpark, many of us opted for chicken tenders and fries. As the game progressed, some chose to explore the stadium, while others remained in their seats, enjoying the game. Overall, it was a fantastic day where we had the opportunity to explore some of the Bay Area’s top attractions and attend a thrilling baseball game. Tomorrow, we’re looking forward to heading to Pismo Beach for some warm weather and relaxing beach time!

Trip update written by Wrenn Ragsdale