Trip Updates

July 1, 2022
2022 Session One

Doin' time at "The Rock!"

We woke up early and walked to Pier 33 to board the cruise to Alcatraz National Park. Alcatraz, built on an island, is known as the home to many of the most vicious criminals in American history.

After a foggy cruise, we de-boarded on Alcatraz Island. The kids picked up the audio tour devices and listened to a narration explaining the history of Alcatraz and its prisoners.

After we departed from Alcatraz, the kids enjoyed some free time in San Francisco in small groups and created unique memories with their friends.

We gathered back at the hotel before heading out to dinner. Several groups went to Boudin, a local restaurant that is famous for their sourdough bread bowl and clam chowder. The meal was delicious and loved by all!

Tomorrow, we will visit Anaheim, CA!