Trip Updates

July 4, 2023
2023 Session One

Officially on the West Coast!

Coeur d'Alene, ID to Seattle, WA

We started the day in Idaho then took a 4 and a half hour bus ride to Seattle. We stopped for lunch around 1 and arrived in Seattle at 3.

After we checked into the hotel, we walked to MoPop, a museum about pop culture, and played around there for several hours. Then, we walked with our color groups to dinner at a well-known burger place called Dick’s. After dinner we walked around the city for a little and then we stayed in our rooms until lights out.

Trip Update written by Hobie Claiborne

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Seattle Seahawk fans went so wild at a game in 2011 that the sound registered on a nearby seismograph, which recorded the tremor at M=2.