Trip Updates

July 17, 2023

Rest, Rinse & Repeat

Tucson, AZ

Today was a day for relaxing.

This was one of the only days we did not have to wake up and do anything, and the entire day was free time to do what we wanted. Some people woke up early to play golf while others slept in. For most of the day, people hung out by the pool. It was so hot, the high of the day was 113.

The only specific things we had to do were eat dinner together and take our group picture. For dinner we had fruit, chicken, Mac n’ cheese, and bbq pulled pork. Then we took our picture and we had free time for the rest of the evening till 10. Most people just went back to the pool or played basketball. It was a nice day at of rest at the resort.

Trip Update written by Grayson Younger

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: It’s illegal to cut down, dig up, remove, or damage a saguaro cactus. Even if it’s on your property you need a special permit to do so.