Trip Updates

July 18, 2023
2023 Session One

A Bunch of Gypsum Gypsies

Tucson, AZ to Alamogordo, NM

This morning we woke up and said goodbye to our lovely resort in Tucson, and hello to the road again. We have a lot of road to cover the next few days, so we settled into the bus and prepared for a long drive day by napping for a bit, then playing some games and watching movies.

We made our way from Arizona to New Mexico and finally made it to our stop, White Sands National Park. White Sands is this really cool patch of white sand dunes in the middle of nowhere that almost looks like the most pristine beach you’ve ever seen. The ‘sand’ is actually made of gypsum, and it’s not hot like other sand, so we were able to comfortably walk across it in the hot weather! While we had brought sleds to sled down the dunes, it proved to be a little challenging due to the lack of recent rain. But that didn’t keep us from trying and having fun anyways. The bright white sands definitely made for some fun photo ops!

After the dunes, we made our way to our hotel in Alamagordo and had a fun dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s really starting to set in that we only have a few days left of the tour, so we definitely made the most of this one!

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: On this day in 1945, the first atomic bomb was successfully detonated in White Sands.