Trip Updates

June 22, 2022
2022 Session One

Roam free in Wyoming, yee haw!

Good morning Jackson Hole! Today we had a team of adventurous kids who hiked up Snow King Mountain (the fastest one only took 45 minutes). Cheers to all the conquerors! The rest of us took the lift to the top of the mountain. What an extraordinary view; shoutout to mother nature!

After coming down the mountain, we had a few hours to fully experience and explore what Jackson Hole has to offer. For lunch, some tried out the Bubba’s BBQ; some went to a pizza restaurant; some had exotic Thai food. We then walked down to the town square and shopped for souvenirs among local stores. Kids sat down at the town square park next to the iconic antler arches to rest their feet and chat with their friends. 

As for dinner, the Jackson Playhouse showed us fantastic hospitality and served us pasta with meat or vegetarian sauce. The staff members sang to us during meal time; after dinner, they put on costumes and were the actors during the performance of “Paint Your Wagon.” It was a wonderful show for us! 

Tomorrow we will visit the ranch, stay tuned!