Trip Updates

July 9, 2023
2023 Session One

San Fun-cisco

San Francisco, CA

Today was a very busy day that started off with a visit to Alcatraz! While there we listened to an audio guided tour that took us all around the jail. The voice was narrated by former inmates and prison guards. We learned about the daily routines of the inmates, the conditions in which they lived, the famous residents, and the different escape attempts. While listening it felt so real. In the distance you could see the Golden Gate Bridge.

After our guided tour we had some time to shop around in the gift shop. After spending about an hour on Alcatraz Island we walked back to the hotel and got on the bus to have an hour and a half of free time in Sausalito. We had time to grab some lunch and look or shop around. It’s a really pretty city that overlooks the bay and has many cute places. Then we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge as a group.

After that we went back to the hotel and got ready or just chilled before going to the Giants vs. Rockies baseball game. It was a very tiring, but fun, day in San Francisco! Now we’re going to Pismo beach.

Trip Update written by Elle Graham

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: The color of the Golden Gate Bridge is called ‘International Orange’. It wasn’t a color from the original list of options. It was the primer used to protect the steel for the bridge during transit and the architect loved it more than the other options, so he selected it as the official color.