Trip Updates

June 28, 2022
2022 Session One

Seattle, you rock!

We left Polson, Montana, early in the morning and arrived in Seattle in the afternoon. With all the excitement the kids had for this city, our first stop was MoPop (Modern Pop Culture Museum). We had an hour to explore the museum freely. There were so many things to see! We saw the wardrobe collections from movies, including Black Panther’s suit and Nirvana shirts and jackets; A$AP Rocky, Jay-Z, and Tupac’s photos at Contact high exhibitions.

We walked to Seattle Center Armory’s food court for dinner and chose between wings, burgers, and pizza. The area had a festival, and many stayed around for ice cream and music after dinner. We were taking everything Seattle offers!

Tomorrow, we will explore Seattle, visit the Space Needle and Pikes Public Market and go to dinner at the local Salmon house!