Trip Updates

June 29, 2023
2023 Session One

Today was a 'Good Day'

Swan Valley, ID

Today we are at The Hansen Ranch in Swan Valley, Idaho again. We woke up this morning and ate a great catered breakfast. We then went back to our cabins and got all dressed up in costumes for our volleyball tournament.

The winner of the volleyball tournament was ‘The Beaters’ beating the ‘Crank Dat’ 19-25 and it was a great tournament. We then all got cleaned up after the tournament and got together for dinner. We ate dinner and had about 2 and a half hours to hang around and have free time with our friends. Today was a great day and I’m excited for the rest of the trip.

Trip Update written by John T.

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Someone analyzed and (based off the mentions in the song) determined that Jan.21 1992 was the ‘Good Day’ that Ice Cube was rapping about.