Trip Updates

June 18, 2022
2022 Session One

Dwelling in Cowboys!

On our last day in Durango, we visited Mesa Verde National Park. Many mysterious stories linger among these stones as it was the home to Ancestral Pueblo people for hundreds of years. The kids listened to our tour guide and followed along the trail of Cliff Dwellers.

We also got to see one of the Pit Houses, where people lived from about 550 AD to 750 AD. How fascinating is that!

We went to Bar D Chuckwagon for dinner, a western cowboy restaurant. Before meal time, we walked around their gift shops: handmade cowboy hats, blacksmith shop, fudge store, and more! After the group finished eating, the cowboys put on a show for us; they played the fiddle, guitars and the stand up bass and sang for all the guests. Most of the students had never heard yodeling like that. What a fun and unforgettable night!

Tomorrow, we will leave Colorado and head towards Salt Lake City, Utah!