Trip Updates

June 23, 2023
2023 Session One

Flying High From the Air Force to the Sky!

Limon, CO to Colorado Springs, CO

We started off the day early, and after a short drive to Colorado Springs, we arrived at our first destination: the US Air Force Academy. We explored the visitors center and watched a short video depicting a year in the academy.

Afterwards, everyone took a walk across campus and posed for pictures in front of the various buildings and statues in the area. Next up was a guided tour of Garden of the Gods! We watched a movie in the visitor’s center here too. The subject of this one was the origin of the stunning red rocks that make up the garden. We then took a guided tour of the park and saw formations like the ‘kissing camels’ and the ‘wicked witch’.

Today’s lunches came from the nearby Garden of the Gods Trading Post. After the tour, our next stop was Pikes Peak! We took a ride on a cogwheel railway up the mountain and, at the top, enjoyed captivating views (as well as doughnuts and other treats). Though, to take photos, everyone had to brave snow, wind, and near freezing temps. We finished off the day at a pizza place before returning back to our hotel for the night.

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: The cog train ride to the top of Pikes Peak is 9 miles long!

6/21 Trip update written by Charlotte Manning!