Trip Updates

June 23, 2023
2023 Session One

The River is Calling and We Must Go

Colorado Springs, CO to Durango, CO

The day started out with a great breakfast! We loaded the bus and left by 7:45 and started our 6 hour trip to go white water rafting in Durango. We started to watch Top Gun as we went through the mountains with no service so everyone was talking. We stopped for a quick snack and bathroom break which gave everyone some energy. The mountains and trees were so pretty. Snow coated the mountain tops and slowly started to go away as we went closer to Durango. Unfortunately a spoiled milkshake had fallen before lunch in the bus and spilled all over bags, pillows, etc. Thankfully, Powell willingly cleaned it up.

Around 1 we stopped at a park to eat Subway. The weather was amazing and the breeze felt so good. Near our lunch spot there was a cool hot spring everyone went to see. Back on the bus again to our next stop: whitewater rafting! We unloaded the busses to get into assigned groups and get fitted for helmets and life jackets. After everyone had what they needed we got on the busses and started our way to the river. We learned the rules and hopped in the boats. The river was full of fun rapids and races to beat the boats in front of you. Everyone had splashing competitions to slow down the boat behind you. The water was freezing but that did not stop us from having fun. Once we finished going down the river we drove back to our bus and started to drive to the hotel in Durango. We got ready for a nice Mexican dinner down the street from the hotel.

Everyone loved dinner and because we have assigned seats we got to know more people. After dinner we walked around town and then met back at the hotel for a good sleep before the day ahead of us. Definitely was a good day!

Trip update written by Lula Segrave

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Company founded the town of Durango in 1880.