Trip Updates

June 22, 2023

On the Road Again, Again!

Kansas City, MO to Limon, CO

We started the morning with a healthy breakfast at the LaQuinta in Kansas City. We boarded the bus and started our road trip to Limon, Colorado. After a few hours we arrived at lunch! We were able to pick between a variety of restaurants such as McDonalds, Freddy’s, Qdoba and a few other tasty locations.

Following the meal, we entered the bus for a ride to a rest stop on our big travel day. Once there, we shopped around for a few minutes and found some crazy items! There was everything from sparkly tiger tank-tops to fresh hotdogs!

During the final stretch to our hotel for the night (Microtel, Limon) we chatted, played games, and watched the miles of farmland fly by the window.

We ended the night at the local park with yard games and a food truck. Teams played human knot and a large game of duck duck goose. Dinner was a mix of ham, turkey, and roast beef sandwiches with a side of chips and a cookie for dessert. This was our last big travel day for a while, on to Colorado Springs tomorrow!

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: The first wind turbine in the history built by Charles F. Brush! (we drove by a ton of them on our drive through Colorado)

6/20 Trip Update written by Andy Levin!