Trip Updates

June 13, 2022
2022 Session One

Gateway to a great time in Missouri!

We are on the road again after a good night of sleeping in Indiana! With the theme song “On the Road Again” and a couple of hours spent driving, we arrived in Missouri.

The kids had an hour of free time to pick up their lunch and walk around Target. Shortly after our lunch stop, the buses brought us to the second destination – the riverboat ride and Gateway Arch in St. Louis. In our one hour on the Riverfront Cruise, we journeyed to a time when steamboats ruled the Mississippi River. The boat captain narrated some of the best views of downtown St. Louis while we sipped lemonade.

We also checked out the Gateway Arch and its museum. The arch was built in 1965 and stood 630 ft tall in St. Louis, also being one of the signature monuments in America. We watched a documentary and learned about the architectural design, then had the opportunity to take the tram and travel to the top. The view was so amazing you could see the overview of downtown!

We dropped off our luggage and headed to the Old Spaghetti Factory. After a full day of activities, nothing sounded better than sitting down and sharing some delicious dinner with new friends. Everyone got to choose an entree between meat sauce pasta and Fettuccini. We wrapped up our day with some ice cream and then the group walked back to Courtyard by Marriott; our home of the night.

Tomorrow, we will have a great time at Sky Trampoline Park while visiting the heartland of America, Salina, KS!