Trip Updates

June 16, 2022
2022 Session One

Sky high Colorado!

We said farewell to Salina, Kansas and on the road again for Colorado Springs! It was a bit of a long drive yet our team made it engaging. We played the game “stunt the bus,” where all students write a fact about themselves and see if anyone could guess who it belongs too. We learned so much more about each other through this awesome activity!

We visited the Air Force Academy and learned what it is like to study on a military base. Our kids also got an opportunity to walk around the campus and explore some of the planet statues. It was very exciting for all the Top Gun fans in the group!

For dinner we went to Fargo’s pizza, a historical restaurant in Colorado Springs. We enjoyed a great salad bar, delicious pizza, and some tasty pudding for dessert. After getting back to Quality Inn, our hotel for both tonight and tomorrow night, we had some time to connect with our new friends!

Tomorrow, we are visiting Garden of Gods, Olympic Museum, and going up on Peaks Pike!