Trip Updates

July 1, 2023
2023 Session One

Snow Kings & Queens

Jackson Hole, WY

Today in Jackson Hole we got to choose between hiking up the Snow King or just going up the mountain on the gondola. It was about half and half between the groups where if you were hiking then you had to head up an hour earlier than the gondola riders. The hikers had a tough time getting up (since it’s pretty much a vertical hike)while the gondola riders met at the top with no effort at all.

We were at the top for about an hour where we just admired the view and took pictures. When we got down we had free time to explore the town until 5:40 where we then went to a reenactment of a shootout in the town square, which was cool. Then everyone split up into small groups for dinner since we were on our own. After dinner, people did different things like go back to the motel or just walk around the town to keep exploring more.

Trip Update written by Powell Mattox

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: The first of the 4 ‘Antler arches’ was built in 1953 (the following 3 were finished in the late 1960s)